Deliberative Members

PACST Vice Chairperson

Yeom Han-woong

Department of Physics Professor in Postech

Career Background

  • Member of MSIT Communication Council
    Full-time Lecturer of Applied Chemistry at the University of Tokyo
    Department of Physics Professor at Yonsei University

Kang Sang-kyu

KISTI Senior Researcher

Career Background

  • Former Head of the Department in the National Nano

Kim Jeong-ho

KAIST Electronics and Electronic Engineering Professor

Career Background

  • KAIST Head of Research

Park Seong-dong

SatracI CEO and Board Member Chairperson

Career Background

  • Former KAIST Satellite Research Center Head of Research Development

Seo Joong-Hae

Executive Director of Economic Information and Education Center

Career Background

  • Former OECD Senior Economist

Song Min-ho

Director of Chungnam University Hospital

Career Background

  • Former Chungnam University Dean of Medical College

Yoo Jean

KAIST Department of New Material Engineering Honorary Professor

Career Background

  • Former KMEPS Chairperson

Jeon Hye-jeong

LG Electronics Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory Researcher

Career Background

  • Former LG Electronics Future IT Fusion Chief Researcher

Cho Yoon-kyeong

UNIST Bioengineering Professor

Career Background

  • IBS Center for Soft and Living Matter Group Leader

Hong Sung-Joo

STEPI Future Research Center Researcher

Career Background

  • National Research Council of Science and Technology Strategic Consulting Member