Advisory Members

PACST Vice Chairperson

Yeom Han Woong

Department of Physics Professor in POSTECH

Career Background

  • Member of MSIT Communication Council
    Full-time Lecturer of Applied Chemistry at the University of Tokyo
    Department of Physics Professor at Yonsei University

Science and Technology Infrastructure Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chairperson
Seok Hyun Kwang

Principal Research Scientist, KIST

Career Background

  • Member of Expert Committee, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Minryung Song

Bio and Brain Engineering PhD candidate

Career Background

  • Bio and Brain Engineering PhD candidate

Lim Hyuneui

Head of Department of Nature-Inspired Nano Convergence Systems, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

Career Background

  • Non-executive director, National Research Foundation of Korea

Park Nam-Gyu

Professor of SKKU Fellow School of Chemical Engineering

Career Background

  • Director, Solar Cell Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology
    Senior Researcher, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

Science and Technology Innovation Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chairperson

Senior Managing Director R&D Center of ViroMed Co., Ltd.

Career Background

  • Member of Investment Committee, Korea Drug Development Fund
    Vice President, Korean Society of Pharmacognosy

Nah Kyu Dong

CEO. of GIVA International Co., Ltd

Career Background

  • Director, Korean Society of Bio-Mechanical Engineering

Lim, Hyung Mi

Principal Researcher of Technology Convergence Division at KICET

Career Background

  • Research Fellow, Committee of Ceramics Technology, Korea Industrial Standards Commission
    Research Fellow, TC206(Fine ceramics), International Organization for Standardization

Ahn Steve

Director, Institute for Startup KAIST

Career Background

  • Director, Institute for Startup, KAIST
    CEO, Leadis Technology

Chung, Chilhee

Sr.Executive Advisor Samsung Electronics

Career Background

  • Director, Nano Technology Research Association
    President, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Science and Technology Society Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chairperson
Lee Hee-kwon

Professor of Department of Geology of Kangwon National University

Career Background

  • Former Board Member of the Geological Society of Korea

KyungAe Jang

CEO. of DongA Science Co., Ltd.

Career Background

  • Member of Exhibition Planning Committee, Gwacheon National Science Museum

Choi Jinhee

prof. of Environmental Engineering at University of Seoul

Career Background

  • Research Fellow, Division of ICT and Convergence Research, National Research Foundation of Korea