Advisory Members

PACST Vice Chairperson

Yeom Han Woong

Department of Physics Professor in POSTECH

Career Background

  • Member of MSIT Communication Council
    Full-time Lecturer of Applied Chemistry at the University of Tokyo
    Department of Physics Professor at Yonsei University

Science and Technology Infrastructure Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chairperson
Lee Hee-kwon

Professor of Department of Geology of Kangwon National University

Career Background

  • Former Board Member of the Geological Society of Korea

Kim Ki-chang

Professor of Korea University School of Law

Career Background

  • Cambridge University Selwyn College Lecturer
    Cambridge University of England College of Law Professor

Park Su-kyung

KAIST Department of Mechanical Engineering Professor

Career Background

  • Board Member of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers for the Field of Bio-engineering

Choi Jeong-dan

Managing Director of ETRI Autonomous Driving System Research Group

Career Background

  • ISO TC204 Editor
    Korean Agency for Technology and Standards Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle Standard Technology Research Association

Science and Technology Innovation Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chairperson
Son Mi-jin

Sugentech CEO

Career Background

  • Korean BioChip Society Vice Chairperson / Board Member

Nam Yang-hee

Ewha University Advanced Industry Fusion College Department of Fusion Contents Professor

Career Background

  • National Science and Technology Commission ICT Fusion Department Member
    EPFL Post-doctorate Researcher

Shin Dae-seok

MidasIT CTO Executive Director

Career Background

  • Ministry of Science and ICT R&D Business Deliberation Committee Member

Lee Ye-ha

Vuno Inc. CEO

Career Background

  • Artificial Intelligence National Strategic Project Management Committee Member

Science and Technology Society Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chairperson
Seok Hyun Kwang

Principal Research Scientist, KIST

Career Background

  • University of Science and Technology Professor

Kwak Su-jin

The Shake Creative CEO

Career Background

  • Reporter for the Dong-A Ilbo, Dong-A Science
    Science Dong-A Cultural Business Team Leader

Cheong Ha-rin

Sr.Deputy Director of National Forensic Service

Career Background

  • Korea National Institute of Health Investigation Party for Damages from Vaccination Consulting Member
    The Korean Journal of Legal Medicine Full Member

Jin Sung-ho

Professor of Chemistry Education at Pusan National University

Career Background

  • The Polymer Society of Korea Moletronic Subcommittee Chairperson