About the PACST

The Republic of Korea is growing
with science technology focused
on human beings.

The PACST is a direct Presidential organization established for
innovations in national science technology.

Introduction to the PACST

The PACST will make people-oriented
science and technology.

The PACST is composed of less than 30 people, including the President (Chairperson), vice chairperson
and other members supporting innovations in national science technology by enhancing the efficiency
of decision-making in relation to science technology policies etc.


The vice president of the
newly established PACST is
Yeom Han-woong.

The PACST will make all efforts to supervise the
proper enforcement of policies that will assist in the development of our economy and
society, and will provide advice on innovative policies.

The PACST is

Advisory Functions

The PACST provides consultation in regard to innovations in national science technology, strategies for science technology development for information and personnel development, direction for major policies and policy reformation in the field of national science technology to the President.

Deliberation Functions

The PACST provides deliberation on major science technology policies, innovations in science technology, personnel policies in relation to industrialization, solutions for regional technology innovation, solutions for research and development planning and projects, and the management of the budget for research and development.

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Address: 12F KT bldg., 178 Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Rep. of Korea 03154 Tel: +82-2-733-4971 Fax: +82-2-733-0039