OrganizationSupport Group

PACST Support Group Organization Chart


Name Position Contact Number
Gang Byeong-sam Secretary-General 82-2-733-4950

Planning and Management Team

Name Position Contact Number
Lee Jae-heun Director 82-2-733-4951
Bang Gyu-cheol Deputy Director 82-2-733-4970
Kim Ka-yi Deputy Director 82-2-733-4963
Gwon Dong-uk Deputy Director 82-2-733-4964
Yoon Hee-jung Research Fellow 82-2-733-4952
Jung Hyo-jin Assistant Director 82-2-733-4917
Oh Hwa-jeong Assistant Director 82-2-733-4965
Lee Se-jin Assistant Director 82-2-733-4983

Science and Technology Infrastructure Team

Name Position Contact Number
Sim Hye-yeong Director 82-2-733-4913
Im Yeong-ju Deputy Director 82-2-733-4985
Lee Gyeong-suk Research Fellow 82-2-733-4918
Kim Soo-young Research Fellow 82-2-733-4954
Yoon Jung-hyun Research Fellow 82-2-733-4956
Kim Se-ran Assistant Director 82-2-733-4961

Science and Technology Innovation Team

Name Position Contact Number
Park Min-joo Director 82-2-733-4955
Kim Jin-hyeon Deputy Director 82-2-733-4982
Kim Min-soo Research Fellow 82-2-733-4957
Lee Jae -deuk Research Fellow 82-2-733-4930
Im Jin-gwan Research Fellow 82-2-733-4958
Lee Jun-seong Research Fellow 82-2-733-4962
Lee Gyu-mi Assistant Director 82-2-733-4971

Science and Technology Society Team

Name Position Contact Number
Kim Ji-Eun Director 82-2-733-4966
Yun Jae-uk Deputy Director 82-2-733-4914
Baek Seung-wook Research Fellow 82-2-733-4973
Park Kyu-hee Research Fellow 82-2-733-4916
Cho Hyang-suk Research Fellow 82-2-733-4953
Lee Jong-hyun Research Fellow 82-2-733-4984
Kim Yong-ja Assistant Director 82-2-733-4959