OrganizationDeliberative Members

PACST Vice Chairperson

Yeom Han-woong

Department of Physics Professor in Postech

Career Background

  • Member of MSIT Communication Council
    Full-time Lecturer of Applied Chemistry at the University of Tokyo
    Department of Physics Professor at Yonsei University

Kang Mun-Ja

Vice President for Integrated Management of Radioactive Waste, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Career Background

  • Director, Nuclear Safety and Environmental Protection Division

Kang Bong-Kiun

Professor, School of Biological Science, Seoul National University

Career Background

Kim You-Mee

Vice President, Samsung SDI

Career Background

  • Director, Small-Sized Battery Development Division, Samsung SDI

Na Heung Sik

Professor, Korea University

Career Background

Noh Do-Young

Professor,Department of Physics and Photon Science

Career Background

  • Director, Research Center for Advanced X-ray Science, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Kim In Soo

GIST School Of Earth Sciences And Enviromental Engineering Professor

Career Background

Moon Sue Bok

Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, KAIST

Career Background

  • Associate Vice President, KAIST Information Service for Knowledge and Culture

Yun Hui Suk

Korea Institute of Materials Science(KIMS) General Manager

Career Background

  • UST Advanced Materials Engineering Professor

Lee Jung Won

Senior Researcher, STEPI

Career Background

  • Vice President, STEPI

Cho Jeong Woo

President & CEO, SK Biopharmaceuticals

Career Background

Lee Do Heon

Professor of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST

Career Background