OrganizationAdvisory Members

PACST Vice Chairperson

Yeom Han-woong

Department of Physics Professor in POSTECH

Career Background

  • Member of MSIT Communication Council
    Full-time Lecturer of Applied Chemistry at the University of Tokyo
    Department of Physics Professor at Yonsei University

Science and Technology Infrastructure Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chairperson
Seok Hyun-kwang

Principal Research Scientist, KIST

Career Background

  • Member of Expert Committee, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Song, Minryung

Bio and Brain Engineering PhD candidate

Career Background

  • Bio and Brain Engineering PhD candidate

Hyuneui Lim

Head of Department of Nature-Inspired Nano Convergence Systems, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

Career Background

  • Non-executive director, National Research Foundation of Korea

Park Nam-Gyu

Professor of SKKU Fellow School of Chemical Engineering

Career Background

  • Director, Solar Cell Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology
    Senior Researcher, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

Science and Technology Innovation Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chairperson
Son, Mi won

Senior Managing Director R&D Center of ViroMed Co., Ltd.

Career Background

  • Member of Investment Committee, Korea Drug Development Fund
    Vice President, Korean Society of Pharmacognosy

Na, Gyu dong

CEO. of GIVA International Co., Ltd

Career Background

  • Director, Korean Society of Bio-Mechanical Engineering

Lim, Hyung mi

Principal Researcher of Technology Convergence Division at KICET

Career Background

  • Research Fellow, Committee of Ceramics Technology, Korea Industrial Standards Commission
    Research Fellow, TC206(Fine ceramics), International Organization for Standardization

Steve Ahn

Director, Institute for Startup KAIST

Career Background

  • Director, Institute for Startup, KAIST
    CEO, Leadis Technology

Chung Chil-Hee

Sr.Executive Advisor Samsung Electronics

Career Background

  • Director, Nano Technology Research Association
    President, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Science and Technology Society Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chairperson
Lee Hee-kwon

Professor of Department of Geology of Kangwon National University

Career Background

  • Former Board Member of the Geological Society of Korea

Jang, Kyung ae

CEO. of DongA Science Co., Ltd.

Career Background

  • Member of Exhibition Planning Committee, Gwacheon National Science Museum

Choi, Jin hee

prof. of Environmental Engineering at University of Seoul

Career Background

  • Research Fellow, Division of ICT and Convergence Research, National Research Foundation of Korea