the PACST Secretariat

The Secretariat services the operation of the PACST and supports the activities of members of the PACST.

the PACST Secretariat the PACST Secretariat

the PACST Secretariat

Tel. 82-2-733
Name Position Contact
Hur Jae-Yong Secretary-General 4950
Gyumi Lee Secretary 4971

S&T Infrastructure. Management Team

Name Position Contact
Baek Il-Sub Director 4951
Jaeyoung Choi Deputy Director 4970
Kim Jin Hyeon Deputy Director 4962
Park,Jae-Hyun Research Fellow 4962
Seongsik Cho Research Fellow 4981
Koo Bonjin Research Fellow 4954
Lee,Man-Pyo Research Fellow 4953
SaeRan KIm Assistant Director 4961
Hwa Jung Oh Assistant Director 4965
Kim, Eun-Bi Assistant Director 4952
Lee,Se-Jin Clerk 4983

Future Strategy Team

Name Position Contact
- Director 4955
O-il Hwang Deputy Director 4963
Seunghwan Oh Research Fellow 4958
Yang Joon Hyuck Research Fellow 4957
Yongja Kim Assistant Director 4959

Creative Economy Team

Name Position Contact
Lee Hee Ran Director 4913
Kyungsook Lee Research Fellow 4918
Cho, Eun-hye Research Fellow 4914
LEE,Dong-Hun Research Fellow 4916
Ju,Hong-Shin Research Fellow 4917